Friday, October 26, 2018

easy PDF SDK is Server friendly!


easy PDF SDK is Server friendly

The quintessential characteristic of easyPDF SDK is its operation in Server environments.

Our PDF SDK lives up to its reputation as an enterprise product by operating in demanding Server environments. Enterprises with big Data centers routinely deploy BCL Technologies’ PDF product to facilitate conversions from and to PDF formats. The SDK also offers capabilities to work with multiple files in Portable Document Format and manipulating them.

What makes the SDK a powerful part of a company’s software suite is its ability to perform in Server environments. Companies integrate the SDK in their workflows for a seamless document processing solution. Users build multithreaded applications in the language of their choice (ASP, C#, VB, Java, PHP, Python), with a fast learning curve. They can integrate the SDK into their code typically with a couple of lines of code, not including, of course, the overheads of declarations. For example, the following lines of C# code will print a Word document to a PDF file.

Set oLoader=Server.CreateObject("easyPDF.Loader.8")
Set oPrinter=oLoader.LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8")
Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
oPrintJob.PrintOut "C:\test\input.doc", "C:\test\output.pdf"

The easyPDF SDK Loader Object is a helper object to enable easyPDF SDK on server-side environment. If PDF SDK is used in a server environment (either directly or indirectly), you need to access it through this object, instead of accessing them directly. The Loader object eliminates many of the server-side configurations that you would otherwise have to deal with.

Before using the easyPDF Loader object, you need to take a few easy steps described below to configure Windows Service setting.

1. Create and initialize an easyPDF SDK user account

Log on to the computer as the Administrator and create a new user account that will automate easyPDF SDK. Then Add the easyPDF8User account to the Administrators group.
Create a new user account for easy PDF SDK

2. Configure Windows Service settings

Initiate the easyPDF8 Loader service by logging on to it
Logging on to it easy PDF 8 Loader

3. Microsoft Office set up

Log into the user account and start Microsoft Word. This will register the application in this account.
Register the application in Word

Numerous code snippets in the User Manual make it easy to hit the ground running.

Now enterprises have the flexibility of hosting the easyPDF SDK on their own servers, or in virtualized environments like the AWS. Robust error handling and error reporting make easyPDF SDK a platform of choice in the corporate world.

Feel free to contact our support if would you like to know more about addicting PDF functionality and configuring your server.

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