Friday, November 30, 2018

How PDF SDK can help you to grow your business?


PDF SDK to support your buinsess growth

For years businesses have used BCL easyPDF SDK to manage their CRM portfolios effectively. Our toolkit has helped businesses grow the breadth and depth of their services.

PDF has become the de facto standard to store and forward business documents. PDF is a tamper-proof medium for documents which can be read on any hardware or operating system. That is why companies are integrating PDF creation functionality in their solutions.

One of our clients – a software developer who delivers fully integrated registration, reservations, membership, ticketing and admissions software for nonprofits, was trying to make the software more user-friendly by adding some useful features to the app. The software is a cloud-based application that allows non-profit organizations to take reservations, donations, and more. That application was created to manage the entire organization by dealing with nonprofits’ unique business challenges. The software enables its users to create Word documents using templates and mail merge.
The company wanted to improve user experience and the user retention rate, and was exploring additional features for their solution. After some research, they found that the users wanted the end result to be in PDF instead of Word. Since PDF format is very popular, this could distinguish them from their competitors.

To generate PDF files programmatically, the company searched the web and found BCL Technologies among other vendors. They evaluated these products by reading product documentation and also talking to their technical people. They procured evaluation copies of the software and created prototypes. BCL turned out to be the only vendor that could generate a PDF no matter how complex the Word document was, and they went with BCL easyPDF SDK.

Their new features which allowed generating reports and other business documents in PDF were appreciated by user community. Their users became evangelists for their products. This helped the company increase their customer retention rate. The company serendipitously noticed that going to PDF brought in other advantages of data privacy and security. This also helped increase the demand for their product without increasing the marketing budget. Over the next year, the company grew their customer base by more than fifty percent. Finally, a higher customer retention rate and a growing user base reflected in more revenues.

This case demonstrates how a small improvement in a software product can significantly influence the performance of the whole company and support the growth of the business.
If your company provides a software service and generates documents on demand, PDF functionality will improve your performance significantly.

Want to know more about how PDF converter add-on can improve the performance of your product and the organization as well? Contact our team at +1 (408) 557 2080 today to accelerate the growth of your business tomorrow!

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