Sunday, January 10, 2021

Converting PDF to Word with optional settings

When it is necessary to modify the entire content of a document, most of the PDF files could be converted to Word. There are hundreds of desktop and client-side applications to perform that operation on a PC or a mobile device. In addition to that, there are dozens of online services that convert PDF to editable Word document on the server-side. Most of them work on any device and operating system. More than half of those PDF to Word converters offer completely similar accuracy and style preservation. 


Configurable PDF to Word

As of today, PDF Online provides the only PDF to Word converter that has optional settings. So, a file in PDF can be saved as Word exactly the way you need, not just what the PDF to Word application's developers provide.



Editing PDF with the full power of Microsoft Word

PDF is the best solution for presenting the final copy of a document. However, what if further edits are needed? The foremost benefit of converting PDF to Microsoft Word documents is the power of editing the text directly within the file with the full power of Microsoft Word’s capabilities. 


Save as DocX or Doc

Moreover, presently Word documents come in two formats (.doc and docX). DocX is more efficient and creates smaller, less corruptible files, though pre-2007 versions of Word do not support it. Thus, the user should have a right to choose which format to save PDF as, along with selecting other useful settings.


Other PDF to Word Features

In addition to the output file format, our advanced PDF to WordConverter allows setting-up the bookmarks, gives Optical Character Recognition (OCR) options can determine JPEG image quality to optimize the size of .doc, and specifies page range. The last one is a very useful option when you need to convert only a few pages out of a hundred pages long PDF file.


Exporting PDF Annotations

Furthermore, the new online PDF to Word converter can connect hyphens, so you no longer need to do it yourself in MS Word. Additionally, this updated PDF to Word converter is capable of exporting markup annotations and comments. That option is truly helpful when PDF has already been revised by your colleagues or classmates. Consequently, you can implement their suggestions straight away in the word processor.


Removing hidden PDF Text

Some PDF documents have hidden text in them, that serves various purposes. In a few instances, it is needed to exclude invisible text in a Word file. For this purpose, a PDF to Word web application gives a hidden text removal option.


Check out our new PDF to Word Converter now! Saves your locked-content PDF files as stunning, editable Word documents with better accuracy. Use the optional settings that serve your purposes. Do not forget to share this brand new Online PDF to Word Converter with your friends and leave your comments below. We appreciate it a lot.

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