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How to edit PDF documents online for Free

Editing a PDF document online is super easy. A while ago, PDF Online introduced a capable PDF Editor that can alter PDF files online. It works in a browser and supports any device and OS. Upload your PDF document, then view and adjust it online with over 20 modification tools. The edited document can be downloaded or sent to a printer with a press of a button.


Let's dig deeper into PDF editing and popular tools for its content modification. 


Why Edit PDF

PDF is not designed to be edited. To appear the same way everywhere, PDF content is secured. At the same time, when you work with documents, it might be necessary to add some comments or highlight the text for further revision. Moreover, some businesses are in favor of signing and annotating contracts or forms digitally. For such cases, you need robust software that can alter the content in PDF for you.


PDFOnline’s full function PDF Editor

PDF Online offers an ultimate Edit PDF solution. Thanks to that server-side application, the majority of PDF files can be edited online in clicks.


Our PDF Editor has a clear (user-friendly) interface, able to work in full screen, and it comes with a long list of features. They are separated into three groups: reading, editing, and collaborating.


Viewing PDF

First of all, to view your PDF and access the right information faster, PDF Editor provides users with the Navigation Panel on the left-hand side of the screen. It also shows outlines and comments in the document. 

In addition to that, the Editor is equipped with the View controls. So, you can read your PDF the way you need by setting the page transition, changing the layout, and rotating all pages in your PDF.


You can select any text in the PDF with a Select tool. It is useful when you need to copy some information or modify it later.


A PDF's content could be scaled with a zoom in or zoom out tools. It can also be fitted to its width or the page height.


Searching PDF

You can locate a piece of text in your file with the Search tool. Simply enter the text you are looking for and it highlights in the document right away.


Editing PDF

When it comes to editing PDF, freehand tools are the best option for drawing on its pages. It acts the same way as drawing on real (printed) documents with a pen. You can set the color of your drawings, as well as the opacity and the thickness. 


Highlighting Text

In case you need to highlight a part of a text in the PDF, Text tools are your best friend. They allow you to highlight any text with a custom color, as well as underline, squiggly, and strikeout it. has found them the best option for revising the writing.


Drawing Shapes

Shape tools are the best choice for drawing rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows, and other figures on the pages of your digital document. Each shape can be customized with opacity and thickness, along with specific colors for the border and fill.


Editing Text and Images

If you need to add text to your PDF, for instance, to leave remarks on your document's pages, the Free text tool will do that job. The text can be customized with size, opacity, and color. Its borders and fill color can also be set. 


Any fraction of your drawings and text highlights can be erased with the Eraser tool. It is also customized with opacity and thickness.


Cropping the PDF

You can change any PDF page size with the Crop Page tool. Just click on the tool in the bar and select the area on a page that you need to crop.


Signing PDF

To sign a PDF document with a custom signature click on the Signature tool and then draw your signature with a mouse or type your name with a keyboard to generate the signature with elegant font. You can upload and use your signature in PNG or JPEG. 



Use the Comment tool to leave professional notes and comments anywhere in your document. For example, a comment can be placed right on an image to accompany it with your thoughts. Any comment can be stylized, which is helpful when you need to differentiate one group from another. Later on, your colleagues can find all the comments with a navigation panel and reply right in the document. The commenting tool is an extremely useful feature for collaborating on documents with colleagues or classmates.


Calling out a Section

Callout is a special type of comment, which comes with arrows to annotate a small fraction of a picture, graph, or a separate visual element of the document. Callouts can be stylized with color and equipped with a URL.


Stamping and Adding Images

To put an image in your PDF use the Stamp tool. Click on the tool, select the place on a page where you need to insert the image, and then upload the file from your hard drive. Such a stamp could be stylized or accompany with a URL.


Our PDF Editor offers a collection of well-designed Rubber Stamps that can be used to annotate the document.


Attaching other Files

Any PDF can carry another file as an attachment. To attach a file to a PDF, use the File attachment tool, click on the document where you need to store the file, then pick the file from your hard drive. Later that file can be opened by clicking on the clip icon in place where you have left it before.


Try PDF Editor now

To sum up, editing PDF is no longer a challenge. A few years ago it required professional software, but now we have made it available for everyone online. Our PDF Editor is a completely free tool and requires no registration. However, if you enjoy its functionality, we hope you share it with your friends so you can help us share its benefits with everyone.


PDF Online's team is aimed at giving the best in class online PDF Editor to its users. We keep improving our Edit PDF web application and will add more features in the future. Hence, keep an eye on it and stay tuned for updates.

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