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How to Read and View PDF Documents Online


Any PDF can be viewed in a modern browser, with the appropriate client-side software, or online via a PDF viewing service. Each approach has its pros and cons.


View PDF on a Browser

Nowadays, the majority of browsers include a built-in PDF Viewer. Hence, if you are the owner of modern software, you can view and read documents in PDF with no hassle. In case you use an older version of the web browser, it might require some plug-ins to be installed to read PDF files. Most of them could be found online and downloaded for free. So, no investment is needed to view PDF.


Limitation of normal Browser-based PDF Viewers

At the same time, it is important to mention that most browsers and plug-ins have a lack of good reading features, so it might not be comfortable to view PDF. Especially when you need more than just to check its content. That is why a lot of professionals use Acrobat Reader to read PDF on their desktops and mobiles. It is the best software to read and modify PDF files, however, this software is sensitive to hardware and works slowly on old computers, plus some of its features require a premium subscription.


Device Independent Rich PDF Viewing

Finally, PDF files can be viewed and read online - on a server-side. Therefore, there is no need to install anything or to use a modern browser, your hardware is not really important as well. All you need is access to the web. For instance, PDF Online offers a capable online PDF Viewer that allows reading and altering any PDF document with the best-in-class user interface. Our View PDF web application is capable of dozens of features to view, read, and even edit PDF Files.


PDFOnline Viewer

To read your PDF file online go to PDF Viewer page on and upload the file

from your hard drive. The content of your PDF is presented in seconds.


PDF Navigation

The Navigation Panel helps to access the right information faster. View Controls assist in reading PDF the way you need: you can set the page transition, change its layout, or rotate pages in your PDF. The content can be scaled with a zoom in or zoom out tools. Any text in your PDF can be selected and copied with a Select tool. Last but not least, the Search tool can locate any specific piece of text in your file instantly.


In conclusion, the best way to view and read PDF files is via an online PDF Viewer. Free server-side applications do not demand powerful hardware and work on any device. Moreover, View PDF service on provides a variety of features to read PDF with the best user experience. Check it out now! If you enjoy it, please share this intelligent Online PDF Viewer with your friends and colleagues.

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