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The easy approach to Signing PDF Documents

Any document in PDF format can be signed electronically online. Our newly released online PDF Editor allows anyone to upload a document and draw the signature on it in a few clicks. It is 100% free, secure, and completely anonymous. The signed document can be entirely removed right after it has been downloaded.


Before going ahead with signing your PDF online, let's find out what does signing PDF determine, why do people sign documents electronically, and what are available options to sign a PDF.


What does Sign a PDF mean?

In most cases, signing a PDF means overlaying an image of your signature on a PDF document in the appropriate field or at the bottom of the page. This is also called an electronic signature. Do not mix it with a digital one, which verifies the authorization. Nowadays, when a lot of people work from home (remotely), an electronic signature is an equivalent of an ink signature on a paper document.


Why do people need to sign PDF?

A lot of application forms can be submitted online, along with legal documents. Most of them require signature confirmation. For instance, your colleagues can email you a document, ask you to sign it, and send it back to get your 'OK' for certain actions. To put the signature you may print out the document, sign it with a pen, and then scan it back in and email it. However, the fastest route is to electronically draw your signature right on pages in a file.


Concurrently, PDF is the most commonly used format for document exchange.


Several options for signing a PDF

There are multiple ways how you can add your signature to a PDF file.


To sign a document in PDF on a desktop computer with Windows OS, a lot of people use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this software is already installed, open the PDF document in the Reader application, and click the “Fill & Sign” button in the right pane. Then click on the “Sign” button on the toolbar and select “Add Signature” to add your signature.


MacOS users prefer signing PDFs with Preview, which is included with macOS. All it takes is to open a PDF document in Preview, press the toolbox-shaped “Show Markup Toolbar” button, and then click the “Sign” button on the toolbar below.


In most cases, to sign a document in PDF on a mobile device you need to employ the right application. For instance, Adobe Fill & Sign allows signing an unlimited number of documents on Android and iPhone. Lucky iOS users can also add signatures to files in PDF using the markup feature in the Mail app, which is standard on iPhones.


Signing PDF online on any device and OS

Modern server-side PDF applications and services offer the easiest way of signing PDF files. For example, our newly released PDF Editor allows anyone to sign PDF on any device and under any OS with a few clicks.


To add your signature to a PDF document:

1. Go to Edit PDF page on;

2. Upload your file in PDF to open the Editor;

3. Press 'S' or select Signature in the tools box.

You will be given three options for signing a document electronically:

a)      Drawing your signature with a mouse;

b)     Making a signature out of your name by typing it;

c)      Uploading the image with your signature from your device.

Pick the option that works best for you.

4. Click in the place where you want to settle your signature.


This is it. The signed document can be downloaded instantly with the proper button.


If you need to sign other pages or place your signature more than once, just click on Signature in the toolbox and select the image of the signature that you used before.


Generally, any contract, application form, invoice, and other documents in PDF format can be signed online with no trouble. Thanks to our PDF Editor, which is a completely free tool for signing and editing documents on the go. Sign PDF online now! If you like its functionality, we ask you to share it with your friends.

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  1. Can I add multible signatures to one PDF document? I'm a team leader of the students group at Seeburg Castle University and we need to write long research essays and submit them in pdf. Or perhaps it could be possible to sing our pdf essays online - if I send a paper to each team member and he or she sings it separately on different PCs.


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