Friday, April 20, 2018

BCL offers new leisurely way to add PDF converter functionality to any .NET app


Convert PDF to HTML with Visual Studio easy

BCL easyConverter SDK is now available on NuGet and .NET developers can use and enjoy powerful PDF to HTML converter functionality for free. This Software Programming Toolkit allows programmers to build PDF to HTML Conversion Server and Desktop applications in matter of minutes with a few lines of code. BCL easyConverter SDK maintains the integrity of the PDF files when converted into HTML.

Package main capabilities:

  • Font Mapping. PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate system fonts with style, size and kerning to make accurate fit.
  • Multi-Column page Processing. Single and multi-column pages are converted to equivalent format with text flow preserved to facilitate editing.
  • Tables Saving. PDF table structures are detected and converted to HTML tables automatically.
  • Graphics Preservation. Graphics are converted authentically and placed accurately on the page.
  • Page Fitting. Fonts and formatting are adjusted to make PDF page content fit on HTML page.

Use your chance to try out powerful PDF Converter functionality for free. The package will allow you to convert an unlimited number of PDF files. Time and size restrictions apply.

Convert PDF to HTML easy with Visual Studio

NuGet is a Microsoft platform which allows .NET developers to share useful software packages. Those packages contain reusable code that could be used by programmers in their projects. Instead of writing an application from scratch, software developers can leverage the code from more than 100,000 packages available on NuGet. Its ecosystem has a lot of support from other developers, with community forums on all possible topics. You are never left alone.

To start converting PDF to HTML, open your Visual Studio and install BCL easyConverter SDK Package with the following commands:

Package Manager: PM> Install-Package BCL.EasyConverterHTML -Version 5.0.100

.NET CLI: > dotnet add package BCL.EasyConverterHTML --version 5.0.100

Paket CLI: > paket add BCL.EasyConverterHTML --version 5.0.100

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