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The easy approach to Signing PDF Documents

Any document in PDF format can be signed electronically online. Our newly released online PDF Editor allows anyone to upload a document and draw the signature on it in a few clicks. It is 100% free, secure, and completely anonymous. The signed document can be entirely removed right after it has been downloaded.


Before going ahead with signing your PDF online, let's find out what does signing PDF determine, why do people sign documents electronically, and what are available options to sign a PDF.


What does Sign a PDF mean?

In most cases, signing a PDF means overlaying an image of your signature on a PDF document in the appropriate field or at the bottom of the page. This is also called an electronic signature. Do not mix it with a digital one, which verifies the authorization. Nowadays, when a lot of people work from home (remotely), an electronic signature is an equivalent of an ink signature on a paper document.


Why do people need to sign PDF?

A lot of application forms can be submitted online, along with legal documents. Most of them require signature confirmation. For instance, your colleagues can email you a document, ask you to sign it, and send it back to get your 'OK' for certain actions. To put the signature you may print out the document, sign it with a pen, and then scan it back in and email it. However, the fastest route is to electronically draw your signature right on pages in a file.


Concurrently, PDF is the most commonly used format for document exchange.


Several options for signing a PDF

There are multiple ways how you can add your signature to a PDF file.


To sign a document in PDF on a desktop computer with Windows OS, a lot of people use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this software is already installed, open the PDF document in the Reader application, and click the “Fill & Sign” button in the right pane. Then click on the “Sign” button on the toolbar and select “Add Signature” to add your signature.


MacOS users prefer signing PDFs with Preview, which is included with macOS. All it takes is to open a PDF document in Preview, press the toolbox-shaped “Show Markup Toolbar” button, and then click the “Sign” button on the toolbar below.


In most cases, to sign a document in PDF on a mobile device you need to employ the right application. For instance, Adobe Fill & Sign allows signing an unlimited number of documents on Android and iPhone. Lucky iOS users can also add signatures to files in PDF using the markup feature in the Mail app, which is standard on iPhones.


Signing PDF online on any device and OS

Modern server-side PDF applications and services offer the easiest way of signing PDF files. For example, our newly released PDF Editor allows anyone to sign PDF on any device and under any OS with a few clicks.


To add your signature to a PDF document:

1. Go to Edit PDF page on;

2. Upload your file in PDF to open the Editor;

3. Press 'S' or select Signature in the tools box.

You will be given three options for signing a document electronically:

a)      Drawing your signature with a mouse;

b)     Making a signature out of your name by typing it;

c)      Uploading the image with your signature from your device.

Pick the option that works best for you.

4. Click in the place where you want to settle your signature.


This is it. The signed document can be downloaded instantly with the proper button.


If you need to sign other pages or place your signature more than once, just click on Signature in the toolbox and select the image of the signature that you used before.


Generally, any contract, application form, invoice, and other documents in PDF format can be signed online with no trouble. Thanks to our PDF Editor, which is a completely free tool for signing and editing documents on the go. Sign PDF online now! If you like its functionality, we ask you to share it with your friends.

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How to Read and View PDF Documents Online


Any PDF can be viewed in a modern browser, with the appropriate client-side software, or online via a PDF viewing service. Each approach has its pros and cons.


View PDF on a Browser

Nowadays, the majority of browsers include a built-in PDF Viewer. Hence, if you are the owner of modern software, you can view and read documents in PDF with no hassle. In case you use an older version of the web browser, it might require some plug-ins to be installed to read PDF files. Most of them could be found online and downloaded for free. So, no investment is needed to view PDF.


Limitation of normal Browser-based PDF Viewers

At the same time, it is important to mention that most browsers and plug-ins have a lack of good reading features, so it might not be comfortable to view PDF. Especially when you need more than just to check its content. That is why a lot of professionals use Acrobat Reader to read PDF on their desktops and mobiles. It is the best software to read and modify PDF files, however, this software is sensitive to hardware and works slowly on old computers, plus some of its features require a premium subscription.


Device Independent Rich PDF Viewing

Finally, PDF files can be viewed and read online - on a server-side. Therefore, there is no need to install anything or to use a modern browser, your hardware is not really important as well. All you need is access to the web. For instance, PDF Online offers a capable online PDF Viewer that allows reading and altering any PDF document with the best-in-class user interface. Our View PDF web application is capable of dozens of features to view, read, and even edit PDF Files.


PDFOnline Viewer

To read your PDF file online go to PDF Viewer page on and upload the file

from your hard drive. The content of your PDF is presented in seconds.


PDF Navigation

The Navigation Panel helps to access the right information faster. View Controls assist in reading PDF the way you need: you can set the page transition, change its layout, or rotate pages in your PDF. The content can be scaled with a zoom in or zoom out tools. Any text in your PDF can be selected and copied with a Select tool. Last but not least, the Search tool can locate any specific piece of text in your file instantly.


In conclusion, the best way to view and read PDF files is via an online PDF Viewer. Free server-side applications do not demand powerful hardware and work on any device. Moreover, View PDF service on provides a variety of features to read PDF with the best user experience. Check it out now! If you enjoy it, please share this intelligent Online PDF Viewer with your friends and colleagues.

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Converting PDF to Word with optional settings

When it is necessary to modify the entire content of a document, most of the PDF files could be converted to Word. There are hundreds of desktop and client-side applications to perform that operation on a PC or a mobile device. In addition to that, there are dozens of online services that convert PDF to editable Word document on the server-side. Most of them work on any device and operating system. More than half of those PDF to Word converters offer completely similar accuracy and style preservation. 


Configurable PDF to Word

As of today, PDF Online provides the only PDF to Word converter that has optional settings. So, a file in PDF can be saved as Word exactly the way you need, not just what the PDF to Word application's developers provide.



Editing PDF with the full power of Microsoft Word

PDF is the best solution for presenting the final copy of a document. However, what if further edits are needed? The foremost benefit of converting PDF to Microsoft Word documents is the power of editing the text directly within the file with the full power of Microsoft Word’s capabilities. 


Save as DocX or Doc

Moreover, presently Word documents come in two formats (.doc and docX). DocX is more efficient and creates smaller, less corruptible files, though pre-2007 versions of Word do not support it. Thus, the user should have a right to choose which format to save PDF as, along with selecting other useful settings.


Other PDF to Word Features

In addition to the output file format, our advanced PDF to WordConverter allows setting-up the bookmarks, gives Optical Character Recognition (OCR) options can determine JPEG image quality to optimize the size of .doc, and specifies page range. The last one is a very useful option when you need to convert only a few pages out of a hundred pages long PDF file.


Exporting PDF Annotations

Furthermore, the new online PDF to Word converter can connect hyphens, so you no longer need to do it yourself in MS Word. Additionally, this updated PDF to Word converter is capable of exporting markup annotations and comments. That option is truly helpful when PDF has already been revised by your colleagues or classmates. Consequently, you can implement their suggestions straight away in the word processor.


Removing hidden PDF Text

Some PDF documents have hidden text in them, that serves various purposes. In a few instances, it is needed to exclude invisible text in a Word file. For this purpose, a PDF to Word web application gives a hidden text removal option.


Check out our new PDF to Word Converter now! Saves your locked-content PDF files as stunning, editable Word documents with better accuracy. Use the optional settings that serve your purposes. Do not forget to share this brand new Online PDF to Word Converter with your friends and leave your comments below. We appreciate it a lot.

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How to edit PDF documents online for Free

Editing a PDF document online is super easy. A while ago, PDF Online introduced a capable PDF Editor that can alter PDF files online. It works in a browser and supports any device and OS. Upload your PDF document, then view and adjust it online with over 20 modification tools. The edited document can be downloaded or sent to a printer with a press of a button.


Let's dig deeper into PDF editing and popular tools for its content modification. 


Why Edit PDF

PDF is not designed to be edited. To appear the same way everywhere, PDF content is secured. At the same time, when you work with documents, it might be necessary to add some comments or highlight the text for further revision. Moreover, some businesses are in favor of signing and annotating contracts or forms digitally. For such cases, you need robust software that can alter the content in PDF for you.


PDFOnline’s full function PDF Editor

PDF Online offers an ultimate Edit PDF solution. Thanks to that server-side application, the majority of PDF files can be edited online in clicks.


Our PDF Editor has a clear (user-friendly) interface, able to work in full screen, and it comes with a long list of features. They are separated into three groups: reading, editing, and collaborating.


Viewing PDF

First of all, to view your PDF and access the right information faster, PDF Editor provides users with the Navigation Panel on the left-hand side of the screen. It also shows outlines and comments in the document. 

In addition to that, the Editor is equipped with the View controls. So, you can read your PDF the way you need by setting the page transition, changing the layout, and rotating all pages in your PDF.


You can select any text in the PDF with a Select tool. It is useful when you need to copy some information or modify it later.


A PDF's content could be scaled with a zoom in or zoom out tools. It can also be fitted to its width or the page height.


Searching PDF

You can locate a piece of text in your file with the Search tool. Simply enter the text you are looking for and it highlights in the document right away.


Editing PDF

When it comes to editing PDF, freehand tools are the best option for drawing on its pages. It acts the same way as drawing on real (printed) documents with a pen. You can set the color of your drawings, as well as the opacity and the thickness. 


Highlighting Text

In case you need to highlight a part of a text in the PDF, Text tools are your best friend. They allow you to highlight any text with a custom color, as well as underline, squiggly, and strikeout it. has found them the best option for revising the writing.


Drawing Shapes

Shape tools are the best choice for drawing rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows, and other figures on the pages of your digital document. Each shape can be customized with opacity and thickness, along with specific colors for the border and fill.


Editing Text and Images

If you need to add text to your PDF, for instance, to leave remarks on your document's pages, the Free text tool will do that job. The text can be customized with size, opacity, and color. Its borders and fill color can also be set. 


Any fraction of your drawings and text highlights can be erased with the Eraser tool. It is also customized with opacity and thickness.


Cropping the PDF

You can change any PDF page size with the Crop Page tool. Just click on the tool in the bar and select the area on a page that you need to crop.


Signing PDF

To sign a PDF document with a custom signature click on the Signature tool and then draw your signature with a mouse or type your name with a keyboard to generate the signature with elegant font. You can upload and use your signature in PNG or JPEG. 



Use the Comment tool to leave professional notes and comments anywhere in your document. For example, a comment can be placed right on an image to accompany it with your thoughts. Any comment can be stylized, which is helpful when you need to differentiate one group from another. Later on, your colleagues can find all the comments with a navigation panel and reply right in the document. The commenting tool is an extremely useful feature for collaborating on documents with colleagues or classmates.


Calling out a Section

Callout is a special type of comment, which comes with arrows to annotate a small fraction of a picture, graph, or a separate visual element of the document. Callouts can be stylized with color and equipped with a URL.


Stamping and Adding Images

To put an image in your PDF use the Stamp tool. Click on the tool, select the place on a page where you need to insert the image, and then upload the file from your hard drive. Such a stamp could be stylized or accompany with a URL.


Our PDF Editor offers a collection of well-designed Rubber Stamps that can be used to annotate the document.


Attaching other Files

Any PDF can carry another file as an attachment. To attach a file to a PDF, use the File attachment tool, click on the document where you need to store the file, then pick the file from your hard drive. Later that file can be opened by clicking on the clip icon in place where you have left it before.


Try PDF Editor now

To sum up, editing PDF is no longer a challenge. A few years ago it required professional software, but now we have made it available for everyone online. Our PDF Editor is a completely free tool and requires no registration. However, if you enjoy its functionality, we hope you share it with your friends so you can help us share its benefits with everyone.


PDF Online's team is aimed at giving the best in class online PDF Editor to its users. We keep improving our Edit PDF web application and will add more features in the future. Hence, keep an eye on it and stay tuned for updates.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Optimize PDF and clean it up with a simple code

Optimize PDF with easy PDF SDK

Portable Document Format is a container that consists of textual, graphical and technical information, such as fonts, metadata, color profiles, etc. With the popularity of Portable Document Format, the software to create or write a PDF file has also proliferated. Today there are thousands of software products/Applications, which create PDF files.

However, all PDFs are not created equal.

Each software product or Application is geared toward writing the PDF file, focusing on the artifacts in the PDF of interest to them. PDF writers aren’t always careful about maintaining the integrity of the PDF document, and take shortcuts in writing files. The result is still a valid PDF, conforming to PDF/A and PDF/X standards, but may have many discrepancies like:

  • Abandoned pages;
  • Abandoned images;
  • Abandoned hyperlinks;
  • Unsupported fonts.

As a PDF file gets passed among different people who use diverse software to read/write it, or by the same person feeding it to different applications, the above inconsistencies may creep into the file. This typically results in the file size growing mysteriously. Your application may remove some pages, but the file size may still grow! These PDF files are also slow to load in Acrobat Reader, or may not load at all in your software environment.

PDF file before optimization

The best way to optimize your PDF and decrees it size is removing such clutter. It all could be easily done programmatically if you have the time and the where with all to manipulate PDF files.

BCL’s eadyPDF SDK has the functionality to rectify this problem. The SDK has two functions which optimize the PDF, and bring it back to a well-knit efficient structure.

void Optimize(string InputFileName, string OutputFileName, string Password)
void Optimize2(string InputFileName, string OutputFileName, string Password, int Flags, string AdvancedOptions)

Optimizing PDF in .net environment

These functions parse the PDF file, check for unused items, and physically remove them. They also check the sanctity of all objects embedded in the PDF files. The functions take in a Password parameter, in case the PDF file is encrypted. The Optimize2 function uses a Flags parameter, which dictates if the private application data called PieceInfo, and XMP metadata is to be removed. These functions can be called explicitly which processing the PDF form your software, or can be called automatically after the call to any other method in the library. This is controlled by the Boolean OptimizeAfterEachProcess.

PDF Optimized by easyPDF SDK

Thus, no matter the source of your PDF, the easyPDF library can help you keep it optimized, so that it reduces the burden on your applications. After all, you can get the same PDF in a smaller size and of the same quality, which is ready for printing or archiving in a matter of minutes and with a few simple lines of code.

Test the optimization function today by downloading and installing easy PDF SDK free trial now.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Online Code Generator for creating PDF programs in minutes

Online Code Generator. Build PDF app in minutes

BCL's PDF Online Code Generator gives you incredible abilities to create Word to PDF converter application in a matter of minutes. Developers can access it online for free, and convert Word to PDF programmatically with up to 30 different settings. Other popular input file formats are supported as well.

Check the short video instruction on how to build PDF application in C# with no coding experience.

Read more about free PDF Online Code Generator and its major features on our website. Do not hesitate to test it with your C#, JAVA, PHP, VB.NET, and Python project.
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Friday, November 30, 2018

How PDF SDK can help you to grow your business?

PDF SDK to support your buinsess growth

For years businesses have used BCL easyPDF SDK to manage their CRM portfolios effectively. Our toolkit has helped businesses grow the breadth and depth of their services.

PDF has become the de facto standard to store and forward business documents. PDF is a tamper-proof medium for documents which can be read on any hardware or operating system. That is why companies are integrating PDF creation functionality in their solutions.

One of our clients – a software developer who delivers fully integrated registration, reservations, membership, ticketing and admissions software for nonprofits, was trying to make the software more user-friendly by adding some useful features to the app. The software is a cloud-based application that allows non-profit organizations to take reservations, donations, and more. That application was created to manage the entire organization by dealing with nonprofits’ unique business challenges. The software enables its users to create Word documents using templates and mail merge.
The company wanted to improve user experience and the user retention rate, and was exploring additional features for their solution. After some research, they found that the users wanted the end result to be in PDF instead of Word. Since PDF format is very popular, this could distinguish them from their competitors.

To generate PDF files programmatically, the company searched the web and found BCL Technologies among other vendors. They evaluated these products by reading product documentation and also talking to their technical people. They procured evaluation copies of the software and created prototypes. BCL turned out to be the only vendor that could generate a PDF no matter how complex the Word document was, and they went with BCL easyPDF SDK.

Their new features which allowed generating reports and other business documents in PDF were appreciated by user community. Their users became evangelists for their products. This helped the company increase their customer retention rate. The company serendipitously noticed that going to PDF brought in other advantages of data privacy and security. This also helped increase the demand for their product without increasing the marketing budget. Over the next year, the company grew their customer base by more than fifty percent. Finally, a higher customer retention rate and a growing user base reflected in more revenues.

This case demonstrates how a small improvement in a software product can significantly influence the performance of the whole company and support the growth of the business.
If your company provides a software service and generates documents on demand, PDF functionality will improve your performance significantly.

Want to know more about how PDF converter add-on can improve the performance of your product and the organization as well? Contact our team at +1 (408) 557 2080 today to accelerate the growth of your business tomorrow!
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