Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Building a powerful PDF to Excel converter app for a finance company


How to build PDF to Excel Converter App in .NET

Are you a programmer or software developer working in the financial industry? You might want to know how to help your colleagues process and analyze financial data faster. 
Most companies publish their financial reports and balance sheets in secured (non-editable) PDF format. Financial analysts have to extract the data manually before they can process it. This is a slow and laborious process.

Microsoft Excel makes for an excellent tool to store, process and analyze financial data. With simple formulas in Excel, one could calculate the regression, find correlation and make a prediction model.
There are several ways of converting PDF to Excel. Standard MS Office suite allows conversion of some PDF files to Excel sheets, but is not suitable for bulk conversions.

There are many 3-d party desktop and web-based tools as well. But most of those tools lack customization, limiting their utility among financial companies.

Is it possible to programmatically import PDF data into Excel tables?

BCL provides an SDK that accurately converts data from PDF Tables into Excel sheets, unlocking the data in any PDF file. This solution is used by some for the largest companies and has received rave reviews for its quality and scalability.

A programmer can easily add PDF to Excel conversion functionality to his/her enterprise class application with just 2 lines of code.

PDF2Excel oConverter = new PDF2Excel();
oConverter.ConvertToExcel(inFile, outFile);

Moreover, BCL’s PDF to Excel API also allows development of robust, multi-threaded systems, and built-in robust exception handling mechanism allows programmers to develop applications that run 24 x 7.

When you need to develop scalable PDF to Excel converter application in .NET which would run in the external working process, download and install the API then use the following code:

using BCL.easyConverter.Excel;

namespace TestPDF2Excel
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
if(args.Length != 2)

string inputFileName = args[0];
string outputFileName = args[1];
PDF2Excel pdf2excel = new PDF2Excel();
pdf2excel.ConvertToExcel(inputFileName, outputFileName, "", 0, -1);
catch(PDF2ExcelException ex)

File conversion timeout could be customized by the following line of code:

pdf2excel.FileConversionTimeout = 300000;
(300 sec. is a default value)

This prolific PDF to Excel API allows financial industry programmers to build professional PDF to Excel Conversion applications in a few minutes. No need to study multi-volume API manuals and no advanced programming skills are needed. We have developed intuitive graphic user interface, so a user can generate error-free C#, Java, PHP, VB.NET or Python code with a couple of mouse clicks.
Improve the productivity of your enterprise by developing your first PDF to Excel project today. As you can see, it is fast and easy:
  1. Download PDF to Excel API that provides multifarious functionality.
  2. Install the API and start a free trial today to accurately extract financial data from PDF to Excel sheets.
  3. Open easyConverter SDK Excel Explorer, select conversion methods and build your first PDF to Excel project with a few mouse clicks.
Learn more about PDF to Excel API features and benefits. Do not hesitate to see how it performs today.

With everything taken into account, BCL’s PDF to Excel API is a powerful solution that improves your coding experience and is integral to your business success. Furthermore, BCL Technologies experts – well known Silicon Valley professionals, are available to assist you in PDF data extraction and integrating converter functionality into your business. Contact us now at (408) 557-2080 to discuss how we can improve the performance of your business applications together!

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