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Let's learn how to convert PDF to HTML programmatically


Learn how to convert PDF to website in HTML in .NET, JAVA or PHP

PDF is the most popular format for transferring documents between platforms, but what if you need to publish a document online and make it available to search engines, so other users can find it easily? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) file will be the best option to store your data online and let other users access it safely. In this blog-post, we are going to give you several ways of converting PDF to searchable HTML with full style preservation with high quality.

One of the most frustrating experiences for professional designers and web-developers is to spend hours or days re-creating and re-formatting PDFs to HTML manually from scratch. Another easiest and lazy way to publish PDF on the Internet could be converting it and publishing it as an image, but in that case, the information won’t be searchable. In some situations, amateur designers and web developers can use an online converter. You can find at least fifty of them on Google. Unfortunately, their functionality is limited and the quality leaves much to be desired.

PDFOnline.com also has the online tool to convert PDF to HTML. This converter stands out as an excellent tool to transfer uneditable PDF to editable HTML. Why? Because it maintains the integrity of the PDF files when converted into HTML files. That means that it maps PDF fonts to HTML fonts, it detects tables in PDF and transfers them to similar looking HTML tables, and also preserves images. Check it by yourself to test the quality.

Such online PDF to HTML converter might be a very good solution for transferring several PDF files to HTML pages, but what should you do if the goal is to add PDF to HTML converter functionality to your .NET / Java or PHP application? What if you need to develop scalable and customizable PDF to HTML application for your enterprise?

We have a superior API, in use today by some for the largest companies. This PDF to HTML API faithfully converts PDF files to HTML in addition, it hides the complexity of converting a document into HTML and encapsulates it into as little as 2 lines of code.


We believe that BCL’s PDF to HTML API could be the best way to create a webpage from PDF in .NET (C#), Java or PHP, especially when you need the conversion process to be easy, quick and with excellent quality. To develop scalable PDF to HTML converter application, download and install the API then use the following code:

using BCL.easyConverter.HTML;

namespace TestPDF2HTML 

 class Program 
 static void Main(string[] args) 
 if(args.Length != 2) 

 string inputFileName = args[0];
 string outputFileName = args[1];
 PDF2HTML pdf2html = new PDF2HTML();
 pdf2html.ConvertToHTML(inputFileName, outputFileName, "", 0, -1);

Doesn’t that look easy? If you need some extra settings, like special image resolution, JPEG quality, HTML title? No worries, this PDF to HTML API allows you to use these and plenty of other features, and properties.

To make a website from PDF with a specific HTML title use the following C# code snippet:

PDF2HTML pdf2html = new PDF2HTML();
pdf2html.HTMLTitle = "Your webpage title goes here";
pdf2html.ConvertToHTML(inputFileName, outputFileName, "", 0, -1);

The code below can adjust the resolution and JPEG quality (100 and 90 as an example):

pdf2html.ImageResolution = 100;
pdf2html.JpegQuality = 90;

BCL’s PDF to HTML API automatically convert “symbol” to “Times New Roman” Unicode and runs in external working process. This code will turn that off if needed:

pdf2html.SymbolFontToUnicode = false;
pdf2html.Sandboxed = false;

Only three lines of code are needed to add an error messages handling mechanism to your PDF to HTML .NET application:

catch(PDF2HTMLException ex)

Our scalable PDF to HTML API allows programmers to build PDF to HTML Conversion Server and Desktop applications with fewer efforts, without studying boring multi-volume API manuals and acquiring advanced programming skills. If you don’t want to waste your time by digging through the manual, leverage BCL's free PDF to HTML Converter online code generator. Add multiple conversion settings, set images quality, custom HTML title, and get ready to use converter code in C#, PHP, Java, VB or Python with just a few clicks. Develop your first PDF to HTML project today:
  1. Generate custom code for PDF to HTML application online for free;
  2. Download PDF to HTML API which comes with several other of useful PDF libraries;
  3. Install the API and start a free trial today to convert any PDF to HTML in the best quality like Silicon Valley professional do.
Are you excited? Learn more about PDF to HTML API and its key features and do not hesitate to test it today.

Considering all factors, BCL’s PDF to HTML API is a hallmark of exceptional quality and execution, which makes it a dependable online transformation instrument for any business venture.

BCL’s experts are ready to support you in this PDF solution integration and to demonstrate you how to use C#, JAVA, PHP, VB or Python to manage PDF with the best accuracy and multiple settings. Our highly trained support team is aimed to solve your issues in a fast and professional manner. Contact us now at (408) 557-2080 and find out for yourself how we can improve the performance of your applications!

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